Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conversions - Screaming Bell Rat Ogre

When you build a Plague Furnace not only do you have a Seer left over but also a Rat Ogre. I decided to use him in a small Rat Ogre unit I built for a tournament last year.

The conversion is simple - Chaos stone from the Giant kit is added to the chain. And a hand swap from another Rat Ogre. Here's the unit of three Ogres I used. They are based on Back-2-basix bases.

I like it because it gives a Rat Ogre with a lot more "movement" than the standard models.

And on the table they were total crap. Disappointing! But isn't that sometimes the way with cool units.


  1. Nice conversion AND paintjob. Bases are great, too. Last month I bought MY first resin bases from Dark Art. But for skaven I will base on my own.. 150 resin bases are too expensive!

    You can use your rat ogres as unit fillers, they look nice in a unit of rats!

  2. That's quite a leftover. He looks great. Very dynamic. How strong is the chain section connected to the stone? Did you have to reinforce it?