Friday, March 4, 2011

Karak-Eight-Peak Campaign at Call to Arms

At times White Dwarf represents very little more than an advertising pamphlet. However from time to time there are articles that really capture the imagination. Last month’s issue contained the beginnings of a “Planetary Empires” campaign around the Third War for Armageddon. This continues this month and looks to be a very solid platform on which to base a variant later this year.

However, the one that really caught my eye is this month’s “Battle for Karak-Eight-Peaks”. The campaign is centred around the ongoing war between Skaven, Goblins and Dwarfs in the mountains to the east of the Empire. Played over 4-5 rounds the campaign uses rulebook scenarios as well as campaign-specific scenarios culminating in a three-way battle at the end.

I am going to run this campaign at my club, Wellington Warlords, convention “Call to Arms” in August. If you have a Skaven, Orc & Goblin or Dwarf army and would like to be involved in the two day event then please let me know. If you don’t have one of those armies but would still like to be involved then also please let me know. I’ll have spare armies that people can borrow.

Initially I’m looking at 12 players – four for each race – but that may be revised up or down depending on interest.

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  1. Hey Pete

    Sounds great Ill definately be keen on bringing my Dwarfs down if its been run over a weekend.

    Count me in