Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fields of Blood is now a Team

To give you guys a bit of variety and to broaden the topics covered on the blog I have expanded “Fields of Blood” so we are now a team of three authors.

The two new contributors are:

Charlie St. Clair (Proximity) – Charlie has been NZ’s #1 Ranked 40k Player for the last three years, dominating the scene with first his Tyranids and then his Orks. In between time he built a Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children army that was voted one of the 20 Best Armies by The Warhammer Forum’s Glass Cabinet section.

Jack Dunn (Little Horus) – Jack is NZ’s enfant terrible. Last year he was ranked #2 in Warhammer fantasy and in year’s past has had the same rank in Warhammer 40k. The youngest person to win a National Championship he picked up the 40k title at the age of 14. He now left the family nest and in his second year at the University of Auckland. Jack is also an excellent painter having completed award winning Eldar, World Eater and Dark Elf armies in the past three years. He is now working on Dark Eldar and his Night Goblins.

I’m sure both guys will be excellent contributors to Fields of Blood.