Monday, March 14, 2011

Old Dogs Should Know Old Tricks - 40k Battle Report

On Sunday I had my second game of 40k in eighteen months…..and enjoyed it immensely. My opponent was another returning 40k player, John Tailby. A decade ago John was the King of the Hill, in terms of generalship in New Zealand 40k. I haven’t played 40k seriously since 2006 when I was running my Ulthewe around with the infamous “Seer Village”.

So it really was “Welcome to Jurassic Park” as two crusty old dinosaurs got out their models and pushed them around.

John was using an all foot Iron Hands army while I was using mechanized Death Guard. We played Annihilation with the Spearhead deployment.

The game was interesting because I quickly realized I couldn’t assault John’s position – I lost a Plague Marine squad trying and so I pulled back. John could have sat on his 1-0 lead but pushed forward and going into Turn 5 I was up 5-4 on Kill Points (helped in no small way by the explosion of an immobilized Rhino that wiped out most of a tactical squad).

It was in this last turn my rustiness showed. John had a unit of Assault Terminators bearing down on me the previous turn and rather than pull back I stood and shot. At the end of his Turn 4 he assaulted the unit. Having sacrificed that unit for no purpose, I moved my Daemon Prince into a position to assault even though he had failed his Warptime roll. Suffice to say I ended up losing him as well and the game 5-6.

I really enjoyed the game and in particular I liked the random game length. As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, it is a rule that I think Warhammer Fantasy would really benefit from (not just in Watch Tower games).

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