Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake and Natcon

As a lot of you will know New Zealand suffered a devastating earthquake in the southern city of Christchurch last week. Loss of life is currently around the 160 people number but expected to go to around 230-240.

Christchurch is 300-400 miles south of my home here in Wellington and I am relieved to report nobody in my wider circle of friends was killed or suffered major injuries. I contacted the gamers I know down there after the event and while some of them suffered property damage they are all alive and well. If you have seen the TV pictures you’ll know that the city is devastated with enormous property and infrastructure damage.

Late last week I contacted the Presidents of the two local wargaming clubs to see if we might be able to assist. The Christchurch Club is due to host the New Zealand National Convention at Easter (7-8 weeks time) and this is traditionally the country’s largest wargaming event covering all genres/periods. My suggestion was to see if we might be able to assist by having the event relocate to Wellington to take some pressure off the locals. I understand that such a strategy was agreed by the Wellington clubs and an approach has been made.

I hope that the Christchurch club takes us up on the offer. While I’m sure that they could run Natcon, I don’t think it is fair for the rest of the NZ wargaming community to expect them to do it. Already the Government is talking of an initial recovery period of 6-12 months with full recovery taking 10-20 years. The last thing the city needs is an influx of 200+ gamers.

The priorities for Christchurch gamers (and that of their families) encompass so much more than running a wargaming tournament within a short time horizon.

Please let us help out guys and devote your time to your families and yourselves.

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