Thursday, March 24, 2011

April's White Dwarf

One of the benefits of having a UK White Dwarf subscription is that you generally get the magazine 1-2 weeks before it arrives at the local Games Workshop. April’s issue arrived on Monday, so what’s in it.

The headline act this month is the Grey Knights with Designer Notes from sculptors and rules writers, a battle report and sprue pics and construction advice for the new plastic kits. This is takes up two thirds of the magazine which is great if you are into the army. As a Skaven player I know I can’t complain given the love WD has showered on them over the past 15 months. My opinion of the figures hasn’t changed much with a White Dwarf viewing. The infantry figures are nice but not a great progression on the previous Goodwin/Diaz sculpts. The article by rules writer Mat ward is very disappointing with little or no insight into his thinking behind the new codex. It is more (than usual) a puff piece on the Nemesis Dread Knight.

There is an article showcasing some international winners of the Golden Daemon but again this is strangely uninspiring. The UK diorama looks very uninspiring but I’m not sure that this isn’t the angle of the photo shots.

Jervois Johnson’s Standard Bearer article is more of a ramble than normal. I thought last month’s one on dice was a bit weird but this one is truly bizarre. It is based around a saying he heard called “Kill your darlings”. Yep, I joke not.

The most interesting thing for Fantasy players is the inside back cover – “Tomb Kings – Coming in May”. Rattle your bones!

Unless you are into the new Grey knights i think it is perhaps a good one to miss

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