Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gaming Table - Holiday Project

Over the holiday period I like to "achieve" something in the way of hobby. If I'm away from home it is an army concept or list design whereas if I am at home it is something big I can get my teeth into.

Last year I did my Secret Weapon Miniature "Tablescapes" tiles plus city fight terrain - all ready for those Heresy battles I haven't had. But hey! It's done.

This year I thought I would build myself a new gaming table top to put on my permanent table downstairs.

So during a lunchtime during my last week at work - who am I kidding, I think it was about 9:30am - I pulled out a piece of paper and sketched up some plans.

Here they are in all their hand drawn glory - PLANS

Now the last time I did any technical drawing was in Year Nine back in 1975. For you youngsters out there Punk was still a year away, Liverpool hadn't won any of their European Titles and my hair was both luxuriant brown and flowed to my shoulders.

So with my plans drawn, I headed off to the local timber yard and perused the dressed pine section. I had decided on 135mm x 18mm (the plans show 19mm) and so I had the necessary lengths cut for me (with a little excess in each case).

Back in the garage out came the saw and I began cutting.

You can see I have all the necessary tools - jigsaw, drill, GW tape measure.

The framing for the tabletop begins to shape. I used the Realm of Battle tiles to ensure it was big enough and square.

The table frame is 6 foot by 4 foot.

Here the tabletop ends are secured to the framing. I used 60mm screws, three on each joint. These were countersunk to allow them to filled later.

Another shot of the framing. You do get a little "bowing at this stage but that gets fixed later.

The full framing now complete. You can see I have added some metal brackets to brace the critical joints.

The first two of the top panels are fixed with 30mm brads.

All the top panels are now fixed. The RoB board sits comfortably in the frame. All the nails have been punched.

From here I need to fill the punch holes and any gaps. The next step is to sand and varnish the tabletop and then to fix a thin mdf base to it.

Jack is due back from the USA this week and is bringing some supplies I purchased from a casino provider to set into the top. There will be plastic insets to hold dice, counters and tapes as well as drink holders.

Check back in a couple of weeks for the next update.