Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Read What It Says On The Can

Tuesday evening is the regular gaming night for our local group. Last evening I had a game arranged with Greg who was trying his Twilight Kin for the first time.

We rolled up "Kill and Pillage" and deployed our armies. Again we were using time clock to get greater familiarity with timed games.

During deployment I was impressed with exactly how much the Twilight Kin packed in. Greg got the first turn and started pulling my army to bits. He was helped greatly by a lot of very poor positioning by me, leaving units in range. Greg is a good player and pretty soon he was getting 2-3 units charging my blocks. This was backed up by some laser like shooting and pretty quickly I was being rogered right royally. The game was never in doubt from Turn 2.

I was trying to work out how I could get back into the game as in addition to Greg's superior play I just felt I was being out-gunned, out-fought and out-manoveured. In the end due to some conservative play and a lucky "double 1s" I was able to pull some points back. However I was thoroughly outplayed and had not actually competed during the game.

We totalled up the points and worked out it was 19-1 to Greg. At this point Peter who had been waiting said "Oh so you're playing 2400 points"

Eyebrow arches and I turn to Greg.

"Oh shit" he goes. Oh shit indeed. We had agreed 2000 points.

Oh how we Lol'ed!

Still as I left with blood dripping down my leg I felt a hell of a lot better. All throughout the game I was shocked at just how uncompetitive I was. Greg massively outplayed me but I didn't feel quite as bad!


  1. Yeah.. I still feel bad for what I have done.

    My apologies still stands

    1. No need to apologise Greg. It was an honest mistake. You gave me your list before and I didn't check.

      The funniest thing was I just couldn't work out how to compete.

      And as I said you totally outplayed me anyway