Thursday, December 10, 2015

FOB Kings of War Survey Results

Over the past few weeks I have been carrying out a survey of FoB readers to get a feel for army popularity in KoW.

There were five questions:

  1. Current army
  2. Most played army
  3. Your next army
  4. Army you'd like to build
  5. Army you'd never build/plan.
In some cases there was overlap - and while I'd never pretend the survey was scientific - it does give a feel for popularity

There were 34 responses and the raw data is presented in the. First part of the table.

In the second part some crude analysis of the data is included.

Firstly, current popularity - as measured by play - is presented. This should reflect what you are seeing currently across the table - but be aware the data is heavily skewed to the respondents' playing circle and the most recent play.

Secondly, is the future popularity - sum of what your next army and what you'd like to build. This tips its hat to future army buys and probably is the one of most interest to manufacturers (assuming of course that such a small sample can be extrapolated).

The final one is overall army popularity. Here you see the net popularity of an army. So here you have current + future - never. This throws up the most interesting results. For instance will Ratkin have their adherents, overall the army is too subtle for the great unwashed whereas Elves and Dwarves are easily understood by all.

So thanks to everybody who participated - an interesting bit of fun.