Thursday, December 10, 2015

Perhaps I Can Stop Banging My Head Against The Wall.....I'm Not Alone!

I read this very interesting article on Bell of Lost Souls. Generally the site has been going backwards over the past 12 months and is a cheer squad for all things GW, but every so often they produce a gem.

The article highlights the mess GW have made of Chaos Space Marines since the 3rd Ed Codex - are you listening Gav Thorpe? - and succinctly identify the three things that CSM players want.

  1. Legion Rules
  2. Emphasis on Chaos Marines
  3. Theme of Grizzled Veterans
Jeez, it's not that hard. Some enlightened bloggers have been pointing this out to you since 2005.

Damn Gav Thorpe and his bastard tome of Chaos Allsorts. I cast you out!

GW could follow those three simple requirements and people would throw money at them......why do they think Horus Heresy has taken off over the past decade.


I don't expect them to listen....however I would venture Codex Chaos legions would make far more than Age of Sigmar ever would.

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