Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Army Builder - Kings of War

During my 40k and Warhammer days I was a religious user of Army Builder finding it a great tool as both a player and as a TO.

When I switched to KoW there were no AB3 data files for 2nd Edition nor surprisingly for the beta lists. This has now changed and you can download a datafile from the Wolflair site.

It hasn't been updated for the changes in Uncharted Empires final release - so Ratkin Hordes are 5 points overcharged - but these are easily cleaned up.

So if you are an Army Builder fan then there is an alternative to the KoW Easy List Creator (which is in a similar place re Uncharted Empires).

A big thanks to the creators of these data files and to ELC who do this on a voluntary basis.

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