Friday, December 18, 2015

Runefang VIII - Regos Building Nicely

The registrations for the two Runefang KoW events are building nicely. The event is on the weekend of 15/16 January. You can download the Players Pack from the Events tab on the banner.

As of last night (a month out) the Kings event (Saturday) had eleven paid up and the War event (Sunday) had 12. I'm hopeful that both will continue to grow over the coming weeks and each will pass twenty participants.

The interesting thing so far is that most people are signing up for both days. The Saturday has one unique participant while the Sunday has two. This is at odds with a lot of the early discussion that Wellington has a lot of players that wanted single day events rather than the commitment of two dayers. Perhaps they will all sign up in the next few weeks. Or maybe it was just noise :-)
Still if you don't try these things you don't find out.

Anyway there is plenty of space for those looking to attend. You can check out the participant list under the "Event Registrations" tab on the banner. Have a read and cajole your friends to come along.

This will be a very relaxed set of events with no formalised paint scoring recognising that KoW is new to a lot of people and that people will be putting together KoW armies for the first time.

Come along and have some fun.....or make sure you drop in and say hello


  1. I can wait to see what list come. Lets see if Flying monsters with 2 hordes of archers is the norm.

    I won't be bring that.

    Looking forward to the fun!

    1. Monsters that fly will definitely be the norm I think, especially when somebody knows how to use them.

    2. Definitely or until everyone takes anti-flyer lists and play them well

    3. I think When someone takes a competent Empire of Dust list the Flyers will start getting a tough time. A lot of easy surging in that list.

    4. There is a lot of ways on how to deal with flying monsters. I think there will be some variety as people will start second guessing what they will face.

      Me I will be taking a different style list to one day and one I won't even know until the day for the other.

    5. Yeah as people get more familiar with the game the lists will diverge a lot. Already seeing that big time up here in Auckland.