Sunday, December 27, 2015

Silly Season Sorted!!

Right, the silly season is now out of the way with all familial duties discharged. We had twenty here for lunch on the 25th and have been able to exist on the leftovers for the past few days.

Not much hobby loot for me though Santa did give me a Citadel Project Box to keep my overflow paints in....and my desk tidy.

The last few nights I have been reading through the rulebook army lists and then I'll start on the Uncharted Empires. I was taking particular interest in the Abyssal Dwarfs but boy do they look dull.

I've also caught up on a few podcasts. I thoroughly recommend the latest episode of "Countercharge". It has an army review on the Undead. Well worth a listen. "Four Foot Snake" have also put out a new episode but it is a tournament review and apart from army make-up has less utility.

Given I have 11 days off I haven't been letting them go to waste. Each afternoon I been working on a project down in the garage. Hopefully I'll have it finished soon and can get pictures up.

Finally, tonight I'm going to see the Stars Wars movie. I'm one of the 1% of western population that thinks Stars Wars is so-so and the whole SW universe a bit "meh". Hopefully, Jar-Jar Binks is in it. I must check whether I have to see "Firefly" first.

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