Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weekend & Week Hobby Update

A bit late this week....sorry but it's the time of year.

Over the weekend I finished my Bridge river crossing as per my previous post. I'm very happy with the finished piece and am looking forward to using a river in upcoming battles. Rivers are always a bit of a bugbear in wargames - it is hard to make them meaningful without them being overbearing. For my river I now have the bridge plus two modelled fords which give three dedicated crossings over a six foot expanse. This will hopefully address that problem.

I had no gaming on the weekend nor did I get to my normal Tuesday evening gaming group. Upcoming family visits over the holiday season mean that there were plenty of preparatory activities "scheduled" around home. I must say I am looking to the 12 days off. I'm expecting to get a lot of hobby related activities actioned over the break.

The only purchases over the last few weeks has been a set of airbrush cleaning brushes off eBay. I had a set but can't find them anywhere. I also picked up some oil to lubricate the parts after I strip the airbrush done.

I've noticed GW has released some new drybrush colours which have piqued my attention. I'm interested if anyone has used them as I had problems with the original release drying out. I'm wondering if there has been any change.


  1. I always thought that the river rules in WHFB needed a rework. I had a streams rule for cracks call.
    In KOW with it working just like any other type of terrain I think it fits in well. Crossing points also provide interesting rapid transit points