Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Battle Report - Ratkin vs. Empire of Dust in Kill

On Sunday Sam traveled down to try out his new Empire of Dust army. We decided to play kill so Sam could gain familiarity with the army before worrying about scenarios.

I used exactly the same army as the day before with Greg but I hoped I had learned a few lessons from that game.

Using the Scrying Gem I saw where Sam's shooting went and then loaded up on the other flank with the Fiend, Brutes, Daemonspawn and Blight.

Sam got the first turn and removed the far leftmost Slave Regiment and caused one wound to the Hackpaws on my extreme right. He then rolled an 11 removing them immediately (he needed 10 and I had left them out of inspiring range deducing no threat).

After my first turn. The Ratkin have moved forward and are facing off against two pharaohs who have ventured forward behind the hill.

On my far left, Sam's worms are on the hill but out of charge range. In the centre. Behemoth looks menacingly at my Slaves before charging them.

The Pharoah has flown into space and I decide to clip his wings with mix of Breath Weapons and Lightning bolts.

Behemoth is into the Slaves and the grind begins. The Fiend in bottom right survives frontal charge from a second Behemoth and rear charge from Flying Pharoah - rerolled 8 I believe - while Foot Pharoah stops Slaves on top of hill charging the Behemoth's flank.

Wither the Fiend safe the Brutes charge the Behemmoth in flank while Fiend and Spawn go into front, routing it.

A combination of Breath Weapons and the Warlock (on back of hill) see off flying Pharoah while the Slaves and Blight account for the foot Pharoah.

The Revenants come forward, surging into the Brutes that hold but are countercharged by Brutes, Spawn and Fiend and are routed.

In the top you can see the Worms threatening the Slave Horde. Throughout this Sam has been picking away at the Shock Troops with shooting and they will eventually rout.

The Behemmoth has accounted for one group of Slaves and pulled back. The Blight will advance towards him. The Daemonspawn has nice juicy archer flank to charge and the worms are grinding through the Slave Horde.

The Fiend turns to go after the Troop of Archers who killed the Hackspaws.

Hackpaws into Worms flank with slaves to front but they hold. They then charge slaves again and Sam rolls double 1s. The Behemmoth charges Blight but will do little damage.

After walking through the archers the Daemonspawn turns on the Construct Archers who have wavered the Brutes.

We go into a Turn 7 and the Worms hit the Slaves again killing them. The Behemoth continues to grind Blight to little avail.

In my final turn the Hackpaws rout the Worms and Blight with Brutes get the Behemoth. My Daemonspawn kills Construct Archers who have removed a Weapons Team.

As we finish it is a big win to the Ratkin. Turn 7 has yielded a lot of points at a loss of Slave Horde plus Weapons Team.

My deployment was much better this game which saw me overwhelm the flank with lesser shooting. The Ranged units concentrated on the flying Pharoah bringing him down in two turns. The Piercing (1) on both Breath and Bolt is critical.

For Sam it was his first run with army and he said he found it far less mobile than his Twilight Kin. With a few runs I'm sure he'll start to tune his list and play.


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