Saturday, December 5, 2015

Battle Report- Ratkin v. Twilight Kin in "Dominate"

Greg and I managed to get in a game down at Warlords this morning. We rolled up Dominate. My list was largely as I have been using the last few games whereas Greg had the following:

  • 2x ASB
    • 2x Sorceress with Banechant
    • 3x Assassins
    • 2x Buccaneer Regiment
    • 3x Crossbow Regiment
    • 3x Dark Knight Horde
    • So a very mobile army and one well suited to take on my list.

    The rats arrayed against the TKs. Solid centre with the more mobile units on the flanks.
    I head into the middle to push over the centre point. Greg uses his shooting to waver one of my Slaves.
    On my right Hackpaws had been lining up a charge on the Assassin. Unfortunately he managed to rout them before they were able to impose themselves.
    One of the Skaven unit disappears as the advance starts to stall. A unit of Buccaneers on the hill is about to be charged by Slaves and Brures.
    Ratkin now well over the centre. In the foreground the two weapons teams converge to remove an assassin. The hill has been cleared of Buccaneers.

    Here you can see one of the critical moments of the game. I didn't realise I had left my Brutes flank vulnerable to a charge by the Dark Knights. In the centre the Shock Troops have moved over the centre line as are the Blight.

    And in come the Dark Riders. The Brutes evaporate but are left vulnerable to charge by the Daemonspawn and the Fiend.

    At this point we were interrupted for about 20 minutes and when we came back I forgot to take further pictures. The Dark Riders were killed but that opened the Daemonspawn to be shot. Greg rolled up and he went down. The Fiend got into the middle of the table where the Shock Troops were multi-charged but held on double "1s".

    The Blight sacrificed themselves and Turn 6 ended. At this stage it would be a small win to me - largely undeserved due to the double 1 result.

    However we went into a seventh turn which allowed Greg to remove the Fiend and also move up troops that the Blight had been delaying. The Shock Troops took a wound from shooting and again Greg rolled double "1".

    It didn't matter in the end though as Greg was 225 points in front giving him a 25 point win.

    Lessons I Learned

    As always the lessons I learned were all from identification of mistakes I made during the game:

    • My deployment was wrong. I should have put my heavy hitters on the right flank where shooting was less
    • I need to remember that when fighting ranged attacks to always engage. I had my slaves sit in from screening from shooting. However the best screen is to disorder your opponent.
    • Look out for all charges. I didn't see the knight charge on the Brutes. It came from way back and with wounding on "2s" and Vicious it was brutal. Should have seen it but missed it as I had Slaves screening , forgetting they didn't block LoS.

    This was a really great game. Tight and very tactical. Greg forced me to make mistakes and was good enough to take advantage of them.


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