Sunday, December 27, 2015

Development of the Ninth Age

Recently McCrae Louden posted a battle report and system review of "Ninth Age" over at "Stumpy Heaven" (don't be nervous it's not a Dwarf Amputee Porn site).

You can read his post here

It sounds like the team behind it are making real progress updating the 8th Ed rules into an integrated version of ETC-hammer. They are balancing a lot of the internal and external imbalances in the books as well as addressing the core ruleset.

From here it will be a period of play testing before the "final" version is ready for ETC 2016.

The main strongholds of the game at present appear to be Continental Europe, Hawthorn in Melbourne Australia and a number of gaming communities in the USA (you can see YouTube videos if you search).

Looking forward to seeing what the final product looks like but must say I'm not missing removing individual figures at present.

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