Wednesday, June 14, 2017

KOW - My Gaming Toolkit

Today I thought I'd go through my gaming toolkit, those items I back in my bag before I head off to a game - particularly a tournament.

And yes I do have a gaming bag. It is one of those retro 70s vinyl travel bags into which I can pack my list, rulebooks and storage container in which my gaming accessories are stored.

A Bag So Hip I Need Neither A Cardy Or Manbun

The container is one of those airtight food containers with plastic clips you can pick up in any supermarket.

So what's in the box?


I have some Race specific dice for each of my armies. These are my Rat dice which have served me faithfully for 8 years.

Generally I will have a set number I take out onto the table to ensure faster play. Importantly the symbols replace the "6". Never use dice where they replace "1"s. There is a special place in Hell for those people.

The dice bag was made for me by "The Dice Lady".

Tape Measures

I take two as there is always that opponent that forgets theirs - and sharing tape measures slows down the game.

I have some old GW ones. They are overpriced but have lasted well. Easy to pick up cheap from DIY or discount store.

Chess Clock

Practice as you play. I prefer to use the clock even in just a pickup game. It reinforces timely decision making. Easy to source from eBay. Doesn't need to be's not rocket surgery.

Generally we play 55 minutes including deployment at 2000 points. Works out at 6 minutes deployment and 7 minutes per turn. Pause if rules discussion.

Wound Tokens

I prefer wound tokens to dial counters and especially dice. Tend to find dice can get knocked.

My counters are from Ironheart Artisians. You get three of 1-10, two of 11-20 and one each of 21-25. Work well for me.

Other Counters

Ironheart do another set of eight Objective markers, Wavered Tokens and Disordered Tokens. I've also thrown in some old GF9 "Morale Check" tokens to remind me if I have particularly large shooting phase.

I'm keen to add in some new objective markers with 1,2 or 3 on them for games where there are variable value objectives.

Arc of Sight Templates

Vital. I have my original GF9 one they produced for Fields of Blood GT plus one Ironheart Artisians sent me.

Great preventative.

The T.A.C. Template

Another GF9 product. These were produced for the FOB Warhammer 40k NZGT. The template measures 6", 4", 2" and 1". Great for ensuring Inspiring distance is correct.

Unit Marker

It is always good play to mark where a unit is before you move it, particularly if it Flies or is Nimble or has large move.

This little marker is 2" high and 1" wide. However the inside corner is great for marking the starting point of your unit's rear corner. You can place it and then move the unit to your heart's content knowing where it started - no argument.

Laser Pointer

Great for projecting the Arc of Sight over a distance to determine front, rear or flank. It can also be used to determine if your Leader Point can see a unit.

Given 90% of questions at an event are generally related to this then it is a great tool for an umpire. Watch out taking it in carry on luggage though. Some airlines are very unaccommodating.

Turn Marker

I use a big dice and move it towards whichever side of the table the active player is on. In this case the dice is a 30mm die our 2014 ETC team had made.

Magic Artefact Cards

I use these to mark my units so my opponent knows what artefact it is carrying. Not necessary, but I regard it as good sportsmanship and it avoids any chance that specific units and items get muddled.

Purchased them off this group and could have sold a half dozen my sets they are so useful.


So you can fill in scoresheets with your name and results.

So that's my toolkit. As I said it packs into my small carry bag with the rules, Uncharted Empires, Clash of Kings and my list. Usually I'll have my iPad for photos, calculator, latest FAQ, PDF of my list and Players Pack.

Any problems you have won't be due to lack of kit!



  1. ooh I like the 'this is where the unit started' template. Will have to get/make me one of those. Other than that, it's pretty similar to my kit (right down to the vinyl shoulder bag - although mine's a knock-off Space Invaders pattern).

  2. When you said you purchased the cards off this group, is that your local club or.... (yet another interested buyer here!)

    1. Off the KOW Fanatics Facebook group. One of the members offered them about July-August 2016

    2. Search "Magic Item Cards" in the KoW Fanatics FB group. It was Andrew Brown selling them

    3. Cheers much appreciated