Monday, June 12, 2017

KOW - Ratkin Communard: Brutes

When I started playing KoW I used Ratkin with a Brute Horde. Unfortunately I never seemed to get the best out of them and over time they were shifted out for a second Horde of Shock Troops.

I tried them with Brew of Haste but they generally lacked survivability with De 4+, middling Nerve and Regen 5+.

That doesn't mean I don't "want" them to work and so I definitely included a Horde in my newly multibased army.

My unit has a real mix of models in it. First, there is the Rat Ogre from the GW Screaming Bell. Next to him is a current plastic GW Rat Ogre model. In the front is a converted Rat Ogre from the Island of Blood set - he has warpstone instead of hands. Finally there is the mechanical Skype robot that was created for Mordheim.

I did have a metal Boneripper slated for the unit but he is now in my Skaven Bloodbowl Team.


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