Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

With Lynne away for the weekend I had a few wintry hobby days - well that and watching the mighty Mark Hunt.

I continued multibasing models for KoW to the point whereby I just about exhausted my supply of magnetic sheeting. There certainly is something satisfying about seeing an army transferred from Individual to multibases.

In the evenings I worked on finishing the Plague Angel I posted yesterday. I now have the Maggot Daemon to do as well as the CC Vulture Daemon. My plan is to work on them around other projects.

Saturday saw me strip down my two airbrushes and put them in the ultrasonic cleaner to get any paint residue that has dried in them. I use Simple Green in the cleaner. Both have now been thoroughly cleaned and been resembled with all threads lubricated using sewing machine oil. Just dry-testing the trigger mechanisms I can tell that they are both smoother.

Unfortunately as I finished cleaning the airbrushes my ultrasonic cleaner gave up the ghost. By my reckoning it is 4-5 years old so it has cost about $10/year. I purchased a new one delivered for $50 and this has a longer cleaning cycle.

This week I'm going to look to refresh some of my GW paints with flow improver and a paint mixer. The GW paints have a tendency to dry so hopefully I can extend the life of some by improving their consistency.

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