Thursday, June 1, 2017

KOW - Ratkin Communard: Vermintide

The Ratkin have two really good chaff units in the previously featured Tunnel Slaves and the Vermintide.

Vermintide are based as Large Infantry coming as a Regiment at 60 points and a Horde at 90 points. They have Vicious and Nimble as Special Rules that make them very useful.

My first Horde has a teeming swarm of rats rushing over rubble and through craters. The figures are a mix of GW, Reaper and some old metals I found on eBay.

The second Horde is a Ratkin breeding nest with furpiles of young vermin in straw ready for the battles ahead.

I am thinking of adding a couple of 60 point Regiments to try them out as an alternative to Tunnel Slave regiments.



  1. Awww...Don't they look all cute and cuddly.

    Really good looking job Pete

    1. They do. But as my old friend Charlie St. Clair says "You can get into a lot of trouble in a furpile"