Monday, June 19, 2017

KOW - Varangur: Nurgle's Gift

About 15 years ago GW released their "Hordes of Chaos" army book. I've been painting up and basing up some units for a Nurgle-themed HoC Varangur list.

The Weekend's Work: Based & Detailed Units

Mounted Sons of Korgan - Chaos Knights plus Converted Archaon

Horse Raiders - Mix of Metal & Plastic Marauders on Horse

More of the Same

Cavern Dweller/Devourer - Mierce Blood-Maw

I just need to put some tufts and water effects on the base. 

From here I have one more unit to do. I have 25 GW Marauders with Flails that I will base as a Bloodsworn Horde. That will give me 3000+ points of Varangur to play around with.

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