Tuesday, June 13, 2017

KOW - Reviving Paints

For Xmas in 2012 I got a full set of the Citadel Paints from Games Workshop.

I've used these as my main paint set over the past 4.5 years, replacing them as I go through them. I'd suggest that about 75% of colours are the original pot while I've probably gone through 10+ pots of Abaddon Black.

I like the set as it is organised - saves racks - has the full colour range (though new technical paints have been added) and I can source replacements easy. I know some people don't like the Citadel range but I find them more than sufficient for my technical ability.

On the weekend I was listening to a few podcasts including the Lake Swatt one by Kris Kapsner. He had a guest who while he was talking was transferring his GW paints to dropper bottles. Now I have no interest in doing that but what piqued my interest was the process he went through.

All paint dries out - especially if in the pots Citadel use. Also after four and a half years you are going to get some separation. As the painter was transferring his paints he was remixing them and adding new medium if necessary.

On my hobby desk I had the two tools that he was using - Matte Medium and a mixer. I use the mixer for my Badger Minitairre paints to ensure a good airbrush consistency. A few years ago I bought the medium but never used it.

So on Sunday evening I spent a couple of hours going through all my paints and remixing them and adding extra medium (generally necessary) so that by the end they were the correct consistency straight from the pot.

For the cost of NZ$30 and some elbow grease I freshened up all 100 paints so they were like new. Given the cost of a GW paint is $7 here it was good economy.

Interesting the brown and greys seem to have dried out most and required more mixing while the greens were most prone for separation.

The end result was a set of Citadel Paints as good as new and ready or another 5 years!



  1. Super glad you liked the segment and were able to save some paints! For bonus points, try transferring them to dropper bottles! :)

    1. Yes, thanks for the guide. I'd put them in droppers but I like my trayed box.