Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Hobby Update

Well it has been a busy week indeed.

GW released the new edition of 40k and Mighty Ape made sure my "Dark Imperium" and "Chaos Index" was delivered on Saturday. Great service! Forgeworld also sent an email indicating that my copy of the Chaos Imperial Armour update is en route. The figures look very nice - I've swapped my Primus Marines for a second set of Death Guard. I think I'll wait a couple of weeks as I understand that a fuller DG codex is due for release.

I finished basing my Varangur last night - now have 3000 points ready to go. It is drawn from the old "Hordes of Chaos" army book and featured units of Pestigors, Chaos Warriors and Plaguebearers. I managed to get in a couple of games on Saturday - a draw and a loss - which proved very frustrating as I forgot the various attributes that the units had (for Nurgle's sake Pete - they had Fury and Headstrong - you can countercharge!).

I also finished painting the Blood-Maw from Mierce. He is now based as a ubiquitous non-flying Monster for the Varangur - likely Devourer or Cavern Dweller.

Gaming room got cleaned up yesterday and this week I'm looking to set up a second table - in garage - for learning the 40k rules.

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