Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Winter has well and truly set in here in Wellington.

For overseas readers that doesn't mean snow, rather cold and wet southerly winds coming up from the Antarctic. So it is easy enough to get around but you are largely confined indoors. My understanding is that in the US they call Chicago the Windy City. It's pretty obvious they have never been to Wellington!

This weekend is a holiday weekend so on Saturday we had Runefang IX. The event went well, having probably one of the stronger fields we've had locally. I know I timed out for the first time ever - on Turn 7 - and pretty much did it again in a six turn game as well. I put this down to being well out of practice with the Rats. Tournament break now for 7 weeks.

Basing of the Orcs was finished prior to the weekend but I've not managed to finish painting the last of the Goblins. I'm hoping to get them done this afternoon while listening to podcasts. I've picked up the next set of MDF bases from AB (local laser cutter) and will continue to work through my armies. The next four are Salamanders, Rhordia, Varangur and Undead.

Ordered my copy of 8th Edition 40k from Mighty Ape. I was surprised by the $250 sticker price here in NZ. My thinking was that it was going to be $320+ (sad what GW has inoculated us with). With a 20% discount at Mighty Ape it is less than $200. This seems a fair price given the contents. I have arranged to swap the Primas Marines for Death Guard with one of our locals.

I've also picked up the Chaos Index Book. Hopefully my Traitor Legions will function once again - I have noticed any mention of Gav Thorpe so hopes are high.


  1. Only Death Guard, Thousand Sons, World Eaters and Emperors Children have specific rules in the new index. No confirmation of whether any legion specific rules are coming. The index is pretty good though

    1. Hopefully Chaos gets a full book soon then. I've got to think that they will be second cab off the rank after Imperials. Maybe it will be in limited focus Battletomes e.g. Ultras vs. a Word Bearers incursion