Thursday, June 15, 2017

KOW - Campaign Guide: Edge of the Abyss

So this just went out for local pre-order with a delivery date of the last week of July.

Kings of War: Edge of the Abyss Campaign Guide
Edge of the Abyss is a global campaign that will see the map of Mantica change, depending upon whether good or evil triumphs on the battlefield. Throughout the summer of 2017 (winter for the southern hemisphere) we will be collecting the results from battles around the world, which means that you can decide the fate of Mantica. You’ll also find brand new heroes, new units, extra spells and more to bring your games of Kings of War to life.
New Heroes
Rules and background for 14 new Living Legends from factions all over Mantica, from Artakl the Gekkotah Clutch Warden to Dravek, the Abyssal Dwarf Iron Caster, these heroes can be included in your forces during the campaign.
New Formations
Combine certain units in battle for a bonus on the tabletop. These formations were created by the Kings of War Rules Committee and are built upon the existing background for each race.
New Scenarios
Fight in different battlefields across Mantica, from the Elven Twilight Glades to the Edge of the the Abyss itself! These specialised scenarios set the stage for the most pivotal battles of the campaign.
New World
You can record your results during the campaign through Beasts of War . Based on those results, the world of Mantica will change!

A lot of people, including myself, have been asking for more fluff and background for Mantica. Well this book is the start. It will be followed up later in the year by a new sourcebook that will incorporate the results of the campaign.
I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the book - pre-order has been made - so that I can plan games around its contents.
It is also an opportunity to reward Mantic for all the work they do with Kings of War. I don't own a lot of Mantic figures but I go out of my way to purchase all their supporting materials.
For locals, it is up on Mighty Ape's site.

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