Sunday, June 11, 2017

KOW - Plague Angel

My wife has been away with friends so over the last few evenings I have taken the opportunity to paint up the Plague Angel.

This model has a tortured history as it was part of the Creature Caster Kickstarter by Jeremy Glen. This guy is a liar and a crook and I am loathe to give any entities associated with him coverage.

IMO the promised quality and detail was not delivered however I was still happy enough with the concept to paint the model up.

It stands over 9" tall and comes with a sculpted base. What is good about this is that it fits snugly on a 50mm square base.

The detail is soft in places - which works for Corrupted themed models. There is a mould line on the scythe handle which is impossible to remove but thankfully is large facing internally.

I'm really happy with how the model painted up though I had to do numerous washes and highlights to get definition in the feathered wings that I was content with.

The espoused spine is a really nice feature which provides the rear of the model with some interest. I have tried to make the skin bruised and distressed.

The scythe has a bone blade which is very nicely sculpted. Again I used a variety of washes to capture detail.

For the horns on the head I tried to paint a reversed blackened bone. Quite happy with how that came out.

One thing that is nice is that for such a tall model it is very well balanced - despite the small base - and doesn't topple.

I intend to use it as a ubiquitous fast nasty in KOW depending on what other models are in the army.



  1. It's a really nice paintjob. Love the horns

  2. Really nice model! I am considering buying it. I heard really bad things of that company because of its kickstarter, but I´m still liking their miniatures, and I would like to know your opinion because you have this model. Does it worth its price? I would like to use it as a Daemon Prince for 9th age.

    1. Like the model but really dislike company and esp Jeremy Glenn.

      Detail is a bit soft. Not as good casting as FW imo