Wednesday, June 21, 2017

40K - Nurgle Daemon List

Ok, a caveat here......I have no idea.

I've read the rules and I have purchased the Chaos Index and I'm keen to have a few games. My go-to armies are Death Guard and Emperor's Children but the EC in the Index is underwhelming and rumours exist of an early DG codex.

So why not try Nurgle Daemons?

The Dunn-geon Shelf Has Not Been Kind To Billy Slugtongue

So here's what I've come up with for 1500 points

Battalion Detachment +3 Command Points
Daemon Prince of Nurgle - Wings, HF Sword -212
GUO - 248
Epidemius -100
30 Plaguebearers - Icon & Instrument - 275
4 Nurglings - 80
4 Nurglings - 80
3 Plague Drones - 132
3 Plague Drones - 132
Soulgrinder of Nurgle - Warpsword - 235

Total 1494 Points - 6 Command Points

How does it look? Will it be fun to try? Is it ok to play against?

Any thoughts, feedback etc. appreciated.


  1. not really feedback, but I've just started painting my 'crons if you're keen for a game in a month or so :p

  2. I'm sure you could copy that over and use it for aos it's looks the same

    1. Thanks for the heads up....hadn't considered that.

    2. If your rebasing the nurgle 😀