Sunday, June 4, 2017

KOW - Runefang IX Results

With no KoW at NiCon this year I took the opportunity to organise an event over the Holiday weekend. The Historical Ancient players were in the same boat with DBMM and had organised a hall which I was able to coat tail on.

We managed to get 8 players - including one new to the tournament scene. One interesting feature was that there were no "Good" armies on show - perhaps this was a warm up for the Summer campaign.

The results of the event were:

Best Army - Carson

Best Sport - Jono

The four missions played were "Push", "Ransack", "Eliminate" and "Scour", these being randomly generated before each game. The interesting thing was that no "Unit Strength" missions were generated.

The next local event is Warlords Super Series - Winter on 22 July followed by Call to Arms the first weekend in August.

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