Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

My first bit of work was to finish multibasing my Varangur. That has all been completed now and it's ready to take the table. The last unit to be completed was a Horde of Bloodsworn using the old Games Workshop Marauders wielding Flails.

Once I had done that I started reading my new 8th Edition Chaos Index to decide what I would put together for my foray back into 40k. Ideally I would do either Death Guard or Emperor's Children but both had negatives. Firstly, along with Space Marines, Death Guard are going to be "Army of the Month" given their inclusion in Dark Imperium. I think I'll wait until all the Timmys have moved on to the next shiny thing before I put mine on the table. Some of us have been around since Garro was a scout afterall.

Emperor's Children have been given nothing in the Index. I'll wait until GW showers some love on Fulgrim's Finest. Let's just say there better be more than the single Noise Marine entry. I want the ability to mount noise weapons on Termies, Vehicles, Dreadnaughts, Bikes and Havoks.

In the end I settled on Nurgle Daemons. I have a large Warhammer Fantasy Daemons of Chaos army with over 2500 points for each of the gods. There is no straight port of the Nurgle part over to Kings of War so it makes sense to get some use out of it with 40k. This required me having to rebase the models on rounds. The mountain of square resin bases gets larger and larger in the Dunn-geon. Mounting them on round bases means I have the added ability to NOT use them for Age of Sigmar.

So Drones, Plaguebearers etc were rebased on rounds; Nurgling were painted and based. Somewhere in this house there is a box of metal Plaguebearers that I can't find.....but I will, oh yes I will. I am currently detailing the whole army so that it will look its Nurgly best on the table.

And finally, I got my first game of 8th in against Ryan's T'au. We had a great time working through the rules. As I noted in a previous post, I found the rules both clean and well structured. On a wet Sunday afternoon I made my own reference sheets for my Nurgle Daemons which captures the required info.

This week I'll continue tidying up the Daemons and have my second game on Thursday versus Hagen.

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