Friday, January 13, 2012

Initial Thoughts on Playing With Ogres

Over the holiday break I picked up my Ogres and have started to play some games with them. I have been using a list that fits Pete-Lite, Runefang V and Equinox Hard Cap comp.

The lists I've used have three characters - Slaughtermaster, Firebelly (or Butcher) and BSB, blocks of Bulls and Ironguts, Mournfang(s), Maneaters, Sabretusks and Ironblaster. I've also tried Leadbelcher unit(s).

During the period I have played nine games - three against Dwarfs and one against each of Daemons, Woodies, High Elves, Empire, Brets and WoC. From this I've managed to settle on a few observations.


A lot of people have gone down the Greedy Fist/Lore of Death route which according to internet wisdom is the way to go. Personally I'm really enjoying the Lore of the Great Maw and think that the buffs it provide really complement the build I'm using. The two standout spells for me are Toothcracker and Trollguts.


Ogres really suffer from their lack of armour. Yes, they have three wounds but it doesn't take much to put a unit of three Leadbelchers under pressure. Coupled with low leadership that can be .....problematic. Wherever I can I try to get as much armour as possible. It is surprising how vulnerable your average Irongut is in combat. The key is to ensure that you limit the number of attacks hitting your 5+ save ogres.


WS3 is a bitch. A real bitch. You get your 19 attacks and think great. And then WS3 kicks in. It generally means only 50% of your attacks are hitting. Suddenly things aren't so great after all.

You still do damage but it always feels better on paper than reality.

However overall the Ogres are a fun army to play.....and I suspect play against. This is because they are a combat army so hopefully you'll be throwing some dice. Or you'll sit their having your eyes picked out by an opponent that doesn't want to engage.

Will they replace my rats? No way at all.

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