Friday, January 27, 2012

Equinox Comp Released

The TO for Equinox released the Composition pack yesterday. It is very close to the initial indications though there had recently been talk of limiting armies to only two Rare choices.

I’m glad he’s gone with a more standard pack and think that the set of restrictions allows most players and races to put forward a competitive army.

Equinox 2012 Restrictions: (Final)

What we have tried to do and the purpose of the restrictions is to temper slightly and as little as possible the armies in 8th edition. The Pack will try to impose a lite as possible number of restrictions to give all armies a level as possible playing field. With these restrictions we would expect to see a diverse range of armies in attendance at the tournament.

Note: The TO reserves the right to Veto lists deemed to be too offensive.

General Restrictions:
  • 2400pt: No special or named characters allowed.
  • Only one double rare choice maybe taken.
  • Max of 12 power dice or dispel dice may be used, stored or otherwise rolled by each player in each magic phase. The basic premise is that if it looks like a power dice and acts like a power dice it counts as power dice, even if it is called something else. (Once the cap has been reached all dice received from any source will be discarded or disregarded eg: Mushroom dice.)
  • Max of +2 power dice or dispel dice may be generated, recovered from storage or otherwise created by each player in each magic phase. Dice generated from channel attempts or one use items are exempt from this restriction. The basic premise is that if it looks like a power dice and acts like a power dice it counts as power dice, even if it is called something else.
  • You may have units/abilities that actually would generate more than 2 extra dice, but any excess dice are lost.
  • Non-warmachine shooting is limited to 90 shots per turn - count the number of shots, not models. So for example Dark Elf Warriors with repeater crossbows count as 2 shots. Ranked (non-skirmisher) infantry with missile weapons with a range of 12" or less are excluded from this restriction.
  • An army may not include more than 2 warmachines of the same type.
  • No single non character unit in the army may be over 450 points
  • Maximum of three units per army with the “fly” rule.
  • An army may have up to 4 war machines and template weapons. Warmachines that use a template count as a single choice in this regard. All template weapons (from magic items, abilities, etc.) count towards this limit, except for spells.
  • Characters affected by the following spells that would instantly remove it from the table only take one wound if it would normally benefit from a look out sir roll from being part of a unit. The Dwellers Below and Final Transmutation spells. This does not apply if you are a lone character outside of a unit.
Army Specific Restrictions:

  • Salamanders 0 – 3 models per army.
  • Higher State of Consciousness and the Crown of Command may not be taken on the same model.
Vampire Counts
  • A maximum of two non character units may be taken with the “ethereal” rule. A Black Coach counts as “ethereal” for the purposes of this rule. 
  • A maximum of 2 Tomb Banshees and/or Carin Wraith (Character) are allowed in each army (i.e a maximum of one of each or two of one type). If you have taken 2 ethereal non character units as per the restriction above this is limited to 1.
  • Cairn Wraiths (unit) are 0 – 6 models per army.

  • Hell Pit Abominations & Warp Lighting Cannons are 0-1 unit selection per army.
  • Warlock Engineers are 0 – 3 models per army.
  • An army can take either a Brass Orb or a Doom Rocket not both.
Dark Elves

  • The Pendant of Kaleth and the Crown of Command may not be taken on the same model.
  • Hydras 0 – 1 unit selections per army.
  • Steam Tanks are 0 – 1 models per army
Warriors of Chaos

  • Hell Cannons are 0 – 1 unit selections per army
Daemons of Chaos

  • No duplication of Daemonic Gifts or Daemonic Icons.
  • Icon Bearer may take either Daemonic Gifts or Daemonic Icon
High Elves

  • No further restrictions
  • High Elf armies may ignore the “same type” warmachine restriction
  • Hellheart cannot be chosen in an army that includes a Greedy Fist.
No further restrictions for the army books below:

  • Chaos Dwarfs (Throne of Tamurkhan book)
  • Tomb Kings
  • Bretonnians
  • Wood Elves
  • Orcs & Goblins
  • Beastmen
  • Dwarves
I'm tossing up which army I'll take. I've got four events coming up over the next three months so I'm looking to vary between the armies I'll use. All are running broadly similar hard cap systems each with their own twists. I'm leaning towards using Ogres for this one as they are easier to carry on the plane.


  1. Solid comp in the end. Now to have a read of the city guard forum for all the whining about it ;-)


  2. Not bad, but I think the ones here are slightly superior.
    SCGT Composition Pack 2012 v2.0