Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To enter or not to enter, that is the question...

I'm in 2 minds, and curious on your opinion. More than anything in this hobby, I have coveted a golden daemon. To me, it would literally mean more than every other achievement combined.

Dirty dirty cheater...

I also am still completely bitter after the last one, that I just feel dirty and annoyed even thinking about it. The fact that GW so blatantly endorse, no... actively REWARD cheating, sullies the whole experience for me.

For those that don't remember, after catching this douchebag: out cheating using a dreadnought he had bought from Bohun over in Poland, GW allowed him to keep the other 2 awards he had purchased, and in the process fucking over a person from each of those categories that rightfully won a bronze but instead are sitting in 4th place.
It's not dissimilar to catching Michael Phelps out drug cheating right after the 100m butterfly, and saying "But you can still keep the other 15 olympic medals, because we don't have piss samples from those races buddy".

It was an analogy folks... not actually a drugcheat!

It's also not like this was on some technicality, GW were covered and entitled within their terms and conditions to disqualify him outright. This meant that they actively decided to reward him with 2 other golden daemons, and unlike other parts of the world where they would issue a lifetime ban, they have said "you're welcome to come back and buy some more next year too son".

This isn't sour grapes, I didn't enter last year due to working ridiculously high hours around that time, and I don't think I would win anything this year if I did enter... but the intention to enter has always historically been my motivation to improve myself. Without it, I find myself caring significantly less - perhaps its letting the cheaters win when they actively kill part of your hobby?

So I'm curious on peoples opinions... Should I enter? Should I not? Why? Why not? Am I justified to still be reasonably outraged and annoyed at this, or should I sack up shut up and get on with it?

- Charlie


  1. Also those that know me, will know that I'm the biggest GW apologist and fanboy on the planet, so for me to say anything even slightly negative, let alone a rant on this scale takes a lot.

  2. Why not the potential of entering the Crystal Brush?

  3. if anyone can win that contest by buing the mini.. i say...screw the contest!!!

  4. Charlie.
    Yes. Enter. And keep entering till you win that bling. Love your stuff and I think with a defined effort piece you should be home easy.
    Justifiably outraged and annoyed you may be (and not alone in that by any means)... but get yo butt painting laddie ;)

    1. I totally agree, don't let some two bit douche with more money than morals put you off your love for the brush! This guy is a sack o'shite so don't let his antics and the wishy-washy handling of it all by GW effect your passion. If I had half the talent I wouldn't think twice...

  5. Here's an alternative. Paint the Mini, i'll buy it and enter it. If it wins, we both win :)

    Seriously though, if you do it simply to see if you can top the best painters. The fact that last year's debacle happened pretty much pits you against the world instead of just asia/pac.