Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New 40k FAQs

There are a bunch of new 40k FAQs here

Charlie will be happy that he can have two Crypteks in his units.

As a "hater" of Gav Thorpe's Turd (sorry, Codex: Chaos Space Marines), I'm happy to see that two of the only viable "tactics", Lash and Warptime have been nerfed. Hopefully, it will hasten the clamour for a replacement from the hoi polloi.


  1. And no more rolling to hit with Jaws too, god that was stupid! :D

  2. But now you have to roll to hit with Lash? Nice of them to be consistent.

    At least most of the Necron stuff got cleared up

  3. Yeah there are plenty of interesting tweaks in there. Nids got a bit of a buff with a reversal of some of the outright stupidity in the first FAQ they got. Marines can now combat squad out of reserve properly, which I think reinforces that the ruling in the last big batch of FAQs was supposed to stop people putting one combat squad in reserves and deploying normally with the other.

    Probably worth pointing out that Tau and Templars didn't get updates, which amid the crazy snowball of 6th edition rumours lends some credibility to the rumours that they are next in line for an update before 6th hits. I have my fingers crossed for Chaos Legions very early in 6th which will kill off all the (completely justified) complaints with the current book.

  4. There are people unhappy with the current Codex: CSM?

    Surely not!

    1. Everybody loves the chaos codex, wtf are you talking about Peter!