Monday, January 16, 2012

UK Masters 2011!

Hi ho,

just a quick update, the UK Masters were held over the weekend for the year of 2011.

The field had a few interesting inclusions... and some more unoriginal and expected additions, namely almost a third of the field had grey knights! It was however good to see a couple of ork lists kicking along, but ultimately the win went to the player who best adjusted his list to the meta scene, and produced something that could best out manourvre the more foot based armies, produce no expensive point sinks to be eaten by the paladin deathstars, and could chop down the heavily mech forces all while pouring s8 ap2 shots into the paladin wall.

Lists and a break down of player details can be found here:

The final results were as follows:
1st - James Taylor (Necrons)
2nd - Josh Roberts (Grey Knights)
3rd - Dave Symcox (Imperial Guard)
4th - Courtney Rhodes (Orks)
5th - Alex Harrison (Blood Angels)
6th - Sharan Reddy (Grey Knights)
7th - Garath Donnelly (Grey Knights)
8th - Tim Smith (Grey Knights)
9th - Andy Oakham (Orks)
10th - Nathan Roberts (Dark Eldar)
11th - Paul Burke (Templars)
12th - Neil Kerr (Grey Knights)
13th - Kiran Reddy (Blood Angels)
14th - Rob Sims (Blood Angels)
15th - Gaz Jones (Eldar)
16th - Richard Grint (Guard)

- Charlie

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