Sunday, January 15, 2012

Registrations Open For Fields of Blood 2012 - NZGT Warhammer 40k

After its hiatus for the Rugby World Cup, Fields of Blood – The New Zealand Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament is back in 2012.

This year the event will be held at a new venue and an earlier time in the year. The Players’ Pack is being prepared for distribution in February but tickets ARE NOW ON SALE.

Here are the details to whet your appetite:

When:                  7/8 July 2012

Where:                Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand

Points:                  1500

Rounds:               Six Rounds – 3 rounds on each day

Umpire:               Pete Dunn

Scoring:                60% Battle, 20% Painting, 20% Sports

Armies:                Armies must be painted to at least a tabletop standard. That means three plus colours, highlight or wash and fully based.

Painting:              Checklist scoresheet where all armies painted to at least a tabletop standard will score 15/20. The extra 5/20 will be awarded for presentation standard that exceeds tabletop standard.

Sports:                  Checklist. Default score is full points.

Composition:    No restrictions. You may bring any legal army up to 1500 points. There are no restrictions on Special Characters. “Imperial Armour” units will be at Umpire’s discretion.

Trophies:             1st Overall
                                2nd Overall
                                3rd Overall
                                Bloodthirster – Highest Gameplay
                                Harlequin – Best Painted (Players’ Choice)
                                Living Saint – Best Sport
                                Best in Race Trophies for Highest Finisher in each race with four or more competitors

Prizes:                  Spot prizes each round

Cost:                      $50 (AUD 40) up to 29 February 2012
                                $60 (AUD 50) from 1 March 2012

Tickets:                Limited to 70 participants

Registration:      Email to (I’ll provide you with payment details)

Happy to take registrations and answer any questions.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. The first ten tickets are bought and paid for, including the first from Australia.

    I expect the majoity of tickets to be snapped up before the end of Earlybird Registration.

    if you are intending to participate remember to secure a ticket