Thursday, January 26, 2012

New GW Tower Sighted

Sighted in the upcoming White Dwarf.

Can't say I'm too excited. No idea what the retarded skelly thing on the top is. Or does.


  1. Totenruf-Warte translates very roughly as something like 'the dead call waits'. The rest of it says something about a 'tower of malice'.

  2. Appears to be mainly made up of bits of previous towers, very boring

  3. There's a comment on one of the German blogs that compares it to Castle Grayskull (commenter also adds "whoop whoop, another ******* house")

  4. Games Workshop design brief: "Okay guys, I'm thinking of skulls, skulls and skulls. I mean who honestly doesn't love skulls. The look worked for Skeletor, the Red Skull and Ghost Rider. C'mon...Skulls are badass right?"

    Funny video that has great skull references:

  5. Yeah its some form of Watchtower/signaltower, the thing on the top being the signaling thing. This gets another resounding meh from me, like most of the recent Fantasy terrain tbh. Its not even a new fortress to support the siege rules.

    To me this focus on Fantasy splash releases just supports the theory that sales for Fantasy are dropping like a stone and GW are scrambling to fix it. Hopefully this is also just to balance out the fact that the middle part of this year is going to be almost completely dedicated to 40k

    1. I know I always say this, but I secretly really like it. I always do :<

      I'm such a fanboy, I really seriously do drink the coolaid.

  6. I like it! Good alternative to Skullvane Manse. If you look closely, it's pretty much the same bits as the Manse tower option, and for cheaper. So if you wanted to buy the tower option of the Manse separately you can.

    Quite funny how SV was all the rage but this one is not so much even though it's the same bits?

  7. Its nice, but not really exciting or new in any way... Just one of the previous towers with some different bits.

    What I would give for some Skull-less terrain though!