Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Weekend's Effort

Over the weekend I started put together and started to paint my Wolfrats and managed to get a game in against the new Vampire Counts.

The wolfrats are lovely models and I think that they will paint up well. You get three body variations and five different heads so you can create a wide variety of models. I’ll finish them this week and try to get some photos up.

I played Kent’s VC on Sunday morning and got my first taste of the new book. Kent uses a skeleton based list with three big blocks plus a medium GG unit. He had two ethereal units – wraiths with banshee and a unit of 5 Hexwraiths. I was able to get a flank charge on the hexwraiths and my magic weapons saw them off. Didn’t really see what they can do.

Yesterday afternoon – after cleaning up the Dunn-geon which was looking like a tip – I sat down with two new boxes of the Gale Force Nine “Battlefield in a Box” terrain. I had picked these up late last year at the Warlords’ Call to Arms. Fifteen minutes later I had a modular rocky hill and seven rocky outcrops (impassable terrain) to match my Realm of Battle board.

The “Battlefield in a Box” sets come ready painted and just require static grass. I can’t recommend these terrain pieces highly enough. Looking forward to their new Desert Fantasy Terrain series.


  1. Thanks for the info on the GF9 terrain, I've been looking for some scenery to add to the ones you very kindly gave me I think they might be just the thing!

  2. lol... have only been recommending it all of last year! the marsh's, forests and rivers are very good! they even have an elf tower for dem pointy ears!