Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pete Comp Flyweight Edition

Over the past couple of weeks there has been increasing discussion about composition systems here in New Zealand. I believe that a hard cap system is the way to go rather than subjective comp. Part of the reason for this is that I believe that GW has done a good job in 8th Edition of levelling the playing field.

So I wondered exactly how light I could get a hard cap system while still maintaining a pretty level field.

Here for your comment (and please I’d love your feedback) is Pete Comp Flyweight Edition:

General Restrictions

• No Special Characters

• Max Power Dice usage of 12 in Magic Phase (as distinct from max of 12 dice in pool at any time)

• Army to have a maximum of four (4) warmachines

• No unit to have more than 50 models or be greater than 450 points

Army Specific Restrictions

• Daemons of Chaos: Only one unit of Flamers

• Empire: Steam Tank is classed as Warmachine in terms of General Restrictions

• Skaven: Maximum of three Engineers

So how does that look? Appreciate all comment and feedback. Let’s try and make it a constructive discussion!


  1. Its almost about as close to no comp as you could get!

    I would suggest loosing the model limit though, and just keeping the 450 points max.
    The points limit should be enough to mitigate the chosen/ogre/Grave guard etc death stars. No need to penalise goblins and the like.

    But skaven slaves I hear you say! Well theres plenty of filth out there, having huge blocks of cheap units to tie them up is a valid (and sometimes only) tactic.


    1. Looks good to me.

      Maybe change the engineer reference to this: "Skaven: Maximum of three un-upgraded Engineers". I assume that the engineer reference is in there to stop people taking un-upgraded engineers as cheap diverters?

      As with the previous poster I would suggest losing the model limit. I'm taking units of 77 and 78 Goblins to Warclouds next month and I doubt if anybody is going to have too much trouble dealing with them.

  2. Tim beat me to it. I really like it Pete save for the model count limit. How am I supposed to field my 80 NG archer unit? :)

  3. Like it, much more than lightweight version

    I'd change this "Army to have a maximum of four (4) warmachines" to "Army to have a maximum of four (4) warmachines and/or template waepons".

    Reason being, I don't want to see more than 4 Salamanders running around (ever), and they are the warmachine equivalent in a Lizard list. Likely some other template badness out their as well, I don't want combo'd with warmachines.

    Not sold on unit model limit, the points limit should stop the deathstars, and armies with really cheap rank and file troops, ie gobbos, skaven slaves and zombies I can't see the issue with them being over 50 models.

    I'd even be happy with upping the power dice limit to say 14 (agree there needs to be a cap), as there are plently of ways to get bonus power dice, Slann disciple, Night Gobbo's, Spell effects and magic items. But would limit maximum number of power dice that can used for anyone spell to 6. The DE abililty to roll unlimited dice at spell, is effectively a power scroll (the original one, not the powered down version from White Dwarf)

    Sponge Bob

  4. My only issue with having no model limit caps, is it can lead to some pretty dull grind-fests, (it still takes forever to get through 80 odd goblins even if they do nothing back to ya...) which I personally despise. Also if you drop that limit, I really think you need less warmachine comp to balance out the huge hordes... Its a bit of comp Y, X becomes good.

    Otherwise, I'm sure someone will break the system.

    ON another note, interestingly a few UK tournies have started allowing Special Characters (banning the obvious few like Teclis, Masque etc.). I'll let you know Sheffield Slaughter goes, because it might be nice to add something new to the Meta.


    1. I quite like the sound of that James, for me the big names have always been something "special" in the fluff for me, so it has been sad to see them get such a blanket ban.

  5. Having played against the Special Characters so rarely, is the feeling that the Special Characters from the 8th edition are more balanced than in previous editions?