Friday, January 20, 2012

A Plea to GW

Over the past fortnight a set of files have been floating around the interwebz that many purport to be copies of 6th Edition Warhammer 40k and associated FAQs. These files are very detailed and opinion is divided as to whether they are the real deal. At best I suspect that they are a very early playtest version.

However regardless of whether they are real or not, I’d like to make a plea to Games Workshop.

Please, please, please when to move to release version include pre-measuring in the rules. Yes, 40k is different from Fantasy but I can tell you that 90% of disagreements under 7th Ed Fantasy were over the measurement of distances. With 8th Edition this is gone and generals now concentrate on their battle plan and how that will achieve victory rather than if they have correctly assessed the distance and the micromanagement of wheels etc.

Now before any movement the distance is measured and you have a clear understanding if you are in range or not – shooting, spells, maximum charge distance – and if the move is random what you have to roll before the dice are pitched.

This mechanic has just made the whole came faster, more streamlined and – dare I say it – more enjoyable. It has also evolved the skills needed to be successful away from distance estimator to risk assessor and manager.

So GW, whatever you do – Please allow pre-measuring!


  1. Words cannot describe how much I agree with this!

  2. +1, been hoping they would do this for a long time

  3. The Question then is what to randomise to offset the premeasurement?

  4. Agreed, if you factor in pre measurement, then you have to bring in randomization, like in fantasy.

    Then it just becomes all about risk management. That's not necessarily a bad thing though.

    *shrug* I don't mind either way.

  5. It would be nice to have, mainly because its really confusing jumping between fantasy, 40k and warmachine right now. However, Nothing in that rule set has much randomization to offset any premeasuring, which makes you wonder...