Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions/Aspirations

Okay I said I was going to look at my aspirations and resolutions for the year.


Finish in Top 5 of New Zealand Fantasy Rankings as at 31 October 2012. I played no tournaments last year – HomeCon I and NZ Masters excluded – and as a result my ranking fell from #1 to Unranked. I’m looking to play at least three events in March/April period (Runefang V, Equinox and NatCon) and that will give me a ranking again.

Play in at least one Campaign Weekend over the course of the year. I’ll likely organise a Fantasy one mid-year but may get inspired to do a 40k one as well.

40k-wise, everything hinges on Chaos Legions for me.

Tournament Organiser

The big one for me is Fields of Blood –The New Zealand Grand Tournament for Warhammer 40k in July. I want to achieve 80 participants so the work needs to start in the next few weeks.

I acting as TO for Runefang V in early March with Peter Williamson running and umpiring the event. also have the second HomeCon in February where fourteen gamers will get together for a five round event.

I’m also looking to run at least one Campaign Weekend for each system over the course of the year.

And in 2012, the New Zealand Masters return to Wellington. I’ll be looking to build on the success of the event over the past four years.


Fantasy-wise, I am looking to add units to existing armies as new books are released rather than look to start new armies. The Ogres are finished sans an Ironblaster and the Tomb Kings but for a Herald and Hierotitan. I’ve ordered a Terrorgeist and plastic characters for my VC and will add an Engine, Vargheists, new cavalry and plastic characters when they are released.

This will likely be my pattern going forward. Two of the rumoured upcoming books are armies I don’t own – Dwarfs and Brets – and I’ll resist the urge to build them. Okay, not so hard. This will give me an opportunity to paint the mountain of scenery I have to paint.

40k-wise, I have terrain to do but for me it all hinges as I said on Chaos Legions providing inspiration.


Continue building the readership base. I’d love to get to 1000 hits per day but that depends not only on me but also on both the subject matter and my fellow contributors. One of the greatest motivating factors is the interaction with other gamers so always keen for people to post comments giving their thoughts on matters raised. I don’t expect people to agree with me and its important that it is a two way street where the outcome is thought-provoking discussion.

Clearly I don’t drink the GW kool-aid but the goal is to be positive where I believe good things are being done and offer alternatives when I think they are on the wrong track.

Hope you’ll continue to follow the blog in 2012.


  1. I've been following the blog for a while now, don't often post but check it most days.

    I find the posts helpful with my hobby and it keeps my entertained during the quiet times at work :)

    Looking forward to getting in a tourney or two during the year maybe (starting with Homecon) as I had a good time at my first tournament (Vermintide) and I think I'm learning how to use my rats to give people a decent run for thier money nowadays just need to get on with the painting.

    Thinking of doing a fantasy campaign weekend here at some point myself as I do have the campaign expansion set and I like the idea of it but it's in the embryo stage of development.

  2. Yep, I definitely agree with most of what Dave A wrote, this really is a great blog Mr. Pete Dunn and I find your insights into the hobby, especially the gaming aspect, continues to challenge me to lift my own skill level. I am much obliged to you for that.

    Unfortunately I am sure I wont be able to make it to Runefang this year, but if all goes well, I should have the freedom to go to the other tournaments later this year. So consider yourself on top of my "Need to have a rematch with" list, and I will make sure I stick to my battle plan instead of getting distracted by every hill or building in my deployment zone.

    All the best for the year ahead, and thanks again for organising Karak Eight Peaks and Vermintide last year, they were excellent tournaments.


    Adam Richards