Tuesday, January 31, 2012

News - Overconfident BSB Finds New Ways To Die

Over the weekend I had two great games.

The first was against Sam Whitt’s Orcs & Goblins, using the Equinox comp. This game see-sawed from beginning to end. In the first turn I managed to put a cannonball through Sam’s BO Warboss who was in a unit of 80 Night Goblin archers. He failed his LOS and died. My Maneaters cleared out his warmachines but this was offset by his Savage Orc BOs and a chariot killing two units of Mournfang. I was looking okay until a fanatic went straight through my BSB who had charged the flank of the Savage Orcs.

In the end the game came down to my turn six where I was looking at a small loss. I tried to cast Braingobbler trying to force a Ld 7 Panic Test on the big Night Goblin block with Lvl 4 and BSB in it. Sam saw it coming and stopped it but couldn’t stop the Ironblaster shooting a lone orc shaman causing the panic on the goblins. He dutifully failed the test and re-roll taking 750 points off the table.

Very tight run thing that demonstrated how dicey the Ogres are.

The next morning I had the third battle with Mike King’s Lizards. Mike had dropped the Temple Guard for this one and given his Slaan Lore of Beasts rather than Light. Unfortunately for Mike his Slaan was sucked into the warp Turn One when attempting a magic missile on a lone Sabretusk. To add insult to injury the Sabretusk suffered no wounds as a result of the spell.

This gave me magic dominance however the rest of the game was hard work as my Maneaters were peppered with poisoned shots and were chased around the battlefield. A group of skinks charged my Ironblaster in the rear breaking it. Not content with that they then killed my BSB who had charged out of his unit – I’m sensing a pattern here.

In the end I ground out the win but it was nowhere as easy as I thought it would be after the Frog imploded. It's now 2-1 to the Ogres but the Lizards are back tomorrow for Round 4.

So all in all some good experience with the OKs which has me making some adjustments to the list.

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  1. Cheers for the game Pete was good fun. I made an error with the LOS, I took it on a 4+ when it should have been a 2+, it's all about unit type not base size. Doh!