Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Sabretusk Saga

As regular readers know, I am tidying up my Ogres for tournament play in 2012. The intention is to alternate between Skaven and Ogre Kingdoms from event to event to give me some flexibility in relation to composition systems and to maintain the interest that using two armies gives me.

To this end I needed to get some Sabretusks painted up given that I never really used a Hunter in the last edition. I had two metal models from the Hunter kit but decided that I wanted at least a couple more for bigger games. I had a GW voucher and used it to purchase the new Finecast pack of Sabretusks (NZ$ 33 for two).

When these arrived from Mail Order the sculpts did not fit together properly (not sure whether miscast or warped), had pieces missing (half a tail) and the underside had numerous air bubbles. I took them back to my local GW store and the Manager was more than happy to return them for replacement.

I went in this week to pick up the new Vampire Counts book and cards and my replacement Sabretusk pack was there. However, the Store Manager took me aside and said that when he had checked them that they had the same problems. As a result he suggested that I was welcome to take a refund.

Having done so I was now looking for new Sabretusks. Painting up the metal ones I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the models so I cast my eye around for alternatives. In a nice coincidence an email from Forgeworld hit my Inbox on Sunday.

I am now the proud owner of five Warhammer Forge Skaven Wolfrats. I much prefer the scupt to the GW Sabretusk and think they look sufficient feral to fit the role. Importantly, I have enough confidence in Forgeworld’s product to know that product will meet my quality standards.

As an aside I now own two metal Sabretusks, surplus to requirements. If anyone wants the “superior” metal castings – devoid of Finecast failings – then let me know and we can do a deal.


  1. They look fantastic!

    Incidently, the aim is for you to have a second unit of mournfangs finished this weekend, so long as work doesnt intervene.

    I'm really liking some of this fantasy stuff forgeworld is putting out.

  2. Ordered Monday evening. In my mailbox Saturday. Great figures. Official release is 27 January