Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Empire Rules

From the Empire Forums:


  • Regular knights have dropped by 2pts and there will be mounted Reiksguard knights at 27pts. They are like normal Inner Circle knights but also stubborn.   
  • Griffons down to 170pts 
  • Also all statetroops except spearmen have gone up 1 points (including crossbows, handgunners and Greatswords).  
  • Detachment rule: Detatchments now counts for the same pointscost as the parent unit (for example core, special etc.) They gain the same special rules as the parent unit (stubborn, stupidity etc) and also get the same prayer as the parent unit.  
  • Mortars will be S2(6) big plate and get a 33% point increase as well. 
  • Great cannon gets a 20% point increase. 
  • Steam tank  now T6, 1+ AS. Works differently with a steam engine misfire chart. It moves d6 random move per steampoint used up to 5 and causes d6+d3 per steampoint impact hits.  The effectivness of the main cannon and the steam gun is dependant on how many steampoints you spend on it that turn. the steamtank moves D6 random move per steam point (so it could in theory charge 30") and it does D6+D3 per steampoint impact hits    
  • Priests dont generate dispel dice anymore, though they can channel both power and dispel dice.  
  • Their prayers though  are much better: One that makes the whole unit reroll wounds. One that gives the unit 5++ in closecombat, and then we have old soulfire that now gives flaming attacks to the unit and damages models in base contact with the priest  
  • Witchhunters get some sort of assassin type role in the army i guess. After deployment you pick a model to "accuse of heresy!" and then the witchhunter will be extra strong against that model  
  • Engineers can now either pass their BS to 1 war engine per turn OR reroll a dice  
  • The rules for sacrificing flagellants have been remade so they can get +1T instead of that +1 combat resolution  
  • Helstrom rocketbattery will fire D3 S3 small templates and fire like a normal stonethrower except always indirect fire.  
  • Runefang is still in the book at 85pts 
  • Helm of the Ratslayer. Fear to everyone, Terror to Skaven but Skaven hate the model wearing it. 15pts 
  • AOMI 1+AS and 6++ for 50points 
  • Griffonbanner same for 60pts 
  • Steel Standard. ignore -1"  movement from barding and reroll 1's on the charge, flee and pursue 
  • Mace of Helstrum 50pts 
  • Van Horstmans Speculum 40pts 
  • Ring of Volans 30/40 points 
  • White Cloak redone and 50pts  

So more info available. Discuss!


  1. isn't this a dwarf only blog now? what do oomies have to do with anything?

  2. No idea why they increased the pts values for all the foot sloggers.

    Witch hunter better be cheap in pts otherwise i can see them being used.

    All in theres nothing in this list that gets me pumped up for empire,but that could change once i have the rule book


    1. For answers as to why things have gone up in points/had abilities reduced etc you dont have to look any further than the author of the book. I assume that all state troopers will come with a shield (woot...). Also the author is of the opinion that stuff that gets benefits from POTENTIAL combos needs to be made more expensive to compensate for it...(think Tomb guard).

      Only thing that really gets me excited about the new book is AoE hatred from Waralter and the new prayers. The new wizard mobiles look like they could be useful...IF they have a save of some sort!

      I hope the rocket battery isnt as bad as it sounds...3 chances to blow up a turn no thanks...going to need a new way to get rid of hordes of 50+ slaves etc....though I'm guessing the new author thinks that the "new and improved" Griffon will be the answer to all...

      Not bitter-just a little disappointed that infantry is getting more expensive and they picked the writer with the worst track record to write the new book for a mainstay army (both fluff and GW profit margin wise).

      I hope the Griffon Banner being 60pts is a bad rumours joke. The reason it NEVER got taken with the old book was because it was 55pts-JUST outside the points allowance for the family heirloom rule....though the new author probably STILL doesnt understand steadfast and thinks double CR for ranks is a game breaking proposition when applied to troops that die so fast that any SCR disappears fast.

    2. So knights are 2 points cheaper.
      I'm not surprised as they are so inferior to Bretonnian knights that they have to hide behind plate armour.
      They do not train to fight in an effective formation and they also have no idea how to breed their horses.
      In fact, they're still overpriced in comparison.


    3. I didn't think it was too bad. Yes, some of our favourites were de-powered,but they were favourites because they were very cost-effective.

      The Rocket battery only has one chance to blow up a turn. You roll a single artillery dice, then place templates three times and roll scatter three times.

      As such - I can't see Mortar's being too popular now, unless backed up by a Metal mage.

      Helblaster's may make a comeback with the new rules making a mis-fire much more unlikely to be catastrophic. Even then, I would gladly sacrifice a 120 pt war machine for 30 BS5 S5 AP shots onto whatever I was shooting at.

      The state troops are probably more expensive because of the detachments benefiting from the Parent's Psych rules.

      I think they wanted to bring back a lot of units that were starting to be quite rare, and they have done a book to do that.