Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warhammer Achievements - A New Hobby Event

Some of you will listen to various Warhammer podcasts and may be aware of an event run in the UK last year called, Warhammer Achievements. This was put on by Steve Wren and the Dragonslayers Club at Maelstrom's venue in Mansfield. Steve is running it again this year, building on the success of last year.

Warhammer Achievements is a different kind of event, one where the hobby aspects are the prime determinant of success. There is a checklist of almost 100 achievements to be attained and the winner is the person who "achieves" the most. These achievements are split between gaming, painting and sports.

I have been in touch with Steve and have received his permission to run "Warhammer Achievements" here in New Zealand. On that basis I am pleased to announce a new one day event to be held on June 23 at Khandallah in Wellington.

 You can download the Players Pack here

The event is themed around those loveable rogues (and everybody's favourite race) the Skaven. There will be three themed battles over the course of the day where you will get points for certain achievements. The winner of the event is not necessarily the winner on the table rather the person who "achieves" the most.

This will be a very different kind of event - I can guarantee you that it will be the year's most fun - and may require a different mindset from the norm. It gives an opportunity to bring out those models that never see the light of day - Dwarfs with Hand Weapon and Shield, High Elf Silver Helms, Skaven Rat Ogres, Daemonic Screamers, Ogre Mournfang - and have some fun.

Details are as follows:

23 June
Cashmere Avenue School Hall, Khandallah, Wellington
Three Rounds
1600 Points
$25 (Earlybird)/$30

If you only play one Fantasy event this year, make sure it is "Warhammer Achievements".

A big thanks to Steve for letting me use his concept, Players Pack and scenarios.


  1. Wow looks like a lot of fun great stuff Pete - time to butter up the wife :)

    Any chance of you running another of those Mighty Empires campaign events this year?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun mate, I will see if I can get the time off work and if so I will definitely be there. This gives me some added motivation to get on with some painting and other bit & pieces I've been planning.

    Going to probably take a hit from the unit sizes but the kill some of my own people achievement should be a gaurantee! I think you should add another achievement, one for the person who manages to kill the most of thier own army over the 3 games. Really encourages people to push it with the tunnelling, unstable ground etc. Not that my rats usually need any extra help with killing themselfs mind you so I might be biased...... :)

    Also what are the penalties for the negative achievements, or is that a surprise? (or did I just fail to read the pack properly - it's been a long day)


  3. Negative achievements are -5 points each!

  4. I can see some list traps there (sneaky wee skavenz) Get one point for taking a hoard, and -5 points for having a unit over 30 models (oh, unless your monsterous, which you can get away with a hoard then...)
    Looks like a good laugh Pete!

  5. This event should be great fun - everyone enjoyed it last year in UK.

    Most important for it to work is that all players attending go with the right mindset... I'm sure the system can be 'broken', but that isn't the point.

  6. This looks awesome. Just read the pack and reckon I could get a least 10 pts in the army build section lol. Just have to find some way to get a pass to go to wellington or hopes it comes closer to me

  7. Rule Pack Query...The list design achievement asking for full command on ALL your units....does that mean if I take a (say) Treeman = not eligable for the achievements. Also if Dryads can only have a champ would taking the champ constitute "full command" as it is all the command they can take?

  8. All available command must be taken :-)