Friday, April 20, 2012

State of the Edition

Last night I decided to go back through the blog to July 2010 and the release of 8th Edition to see what issues were generating noise.

Here’s a list of them:
  • Horde Formation
  • 1” Rule
  • Change to the Victory Point System
  • Stepping Up in Combat
  • Steadfast
  • (Un)Predictability of Magic
  • TLOS
  • Random Charges
  • Pre-measuring
  • Scenarios
  • Changes to Terrain

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to look at them (in no particular order) and see whether the concerns were valid and whether after almost two years of 8th I believe the game is better for the changes.

Keen to get people’s input on each issue as it’s discussed.


  1. The game is much better this edition...and once all the books are out for 8th it's going to absolutely crank!
    Looking forward to your analysis.

  2. This should be an interesting series. Play on!

  3. I started Fantasy during 8th so my knowledge of 7th and past editions isn't very good. But anyways, just before I started fantasy I heard a few moans from some warmahorde players that 8th was an absolute failure and that how "everyone" was switching to Warmachine/Hordes. I wasn't sure how to take that, but after I started fantasy and had my first few games, I saw that this game (in my opinion) was extremely balanced, and coming from a 40k backround, was fresh air for me. I saw that how older books could still be very competitive in tournaments and how about 99% of the rules are well written and worked well during actual play. And that even Dwarfs!... yes Dwarfs Peter ;D could still bring lots to the table.