Friday, April 20, 2012

Painting the Mortis Engine

Last week - and after enlisting Jack's help - I put together my Mortis Engine. Yes, like 99% of gamers I chose the Mortis over the Coven variant.

This weekend I'm going to paint the thing. In doing so I'm going to use some of the new Games Workshop paints and washes. By my reckoning it should be very straightforward and although I do have two games lined up, I'm hoping with 11+ hours of Prospero Burns on the iGramophone, I can get it finished by Sunday evening.

Check back on Monday for pictures. If I don't post any, badger me


  1. Well I have painted the Mortis Engine and just have to paint the custodian. It should be finished on the way.

  2. Put the finishing touches on it this morning. Should have pictures up tonight.