Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a Grey Grey Grey World

Adepticon, the US's biggest and most competitive tournament, has been run and won for another year.

My understanding is that it was dominated by Grey Knight armies. In fact the top tables were wall to wall Grey Knights. The team tournament was taken out by a team comprising four GK armies.

Guess it's not much fun being a Daemon in the USA!


  1. It needs to be mentioned, out of a field of 256 players, there was not 1 tau or tyranid player to be seen.
    Necrons where the most popular Xenos army, and 5th most popular overall. Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, then Necrons (in that order) with the top 3 comprimsing 50% of the field, and Grey Knights alone being 22%....

  2. Grey knights being 22% of the field is higher than even IG at its height, I think it may even be more than Space Wolves at its height.

    Then you take into account that initially the top 16 was 7 Grey knights, but one of the 2 Ork players dropped out and a grey knight player got bumped up, making a 50% of the top 16 being grey knights.

    I watched one of the matches live, so if you do watch the recordings of them remember that it is at the very least their 9th through 12th games of 40k for the weekend.

    1. The list of the guy that won is up on Blood of Kittens as well.

  3. I can barely tell 40k and Warmachine apart (all those round-based skirmish games are the same to me), but this can't be good for the game. Not just the prevelance of Grey Knights, but that some armies are essentially unplayable in a competition, while half the field seems to be from only three armies.

    Dropping the smartypantsness, hopefully GW has some idea of this massive imbalance (as seen in their sales figures) and will actually do something about it.

    In the meantime though, can't you just add some warjacks to your Tau or Tyranid force?

    Fantasy player/Curmudgeon

  4. I doubt it would even be a blip on their sales figures, american tournament players like to think they're the only people in the hobby, but the reality is very far from it.