Monday, April 30, 2012

Races On Show At The Horned Rat/Gobbo V

So Horned Rat/Gobbo V has 30 players attending the event. The breakdown of armies with my guess as to the players is:

Lizards (4) - Mal Patel, Mike King, Hagen Kerr, Bo Patterson

High Elves (4) - Hugh Dixon, John Murrie, Alex Abernethy, Mathew Collett

Vampires (3) - Kent Jackson, Ryan Lister, Glen Burfield

Warriors of Chaos (3) - Neil Williamson, Hamish Gordon, Ben Wadsworth

Wood Elves (3) - Joel van de Ven-Long, Josh Kennedy, Gavin Stewart

Beastmen (2) - Locky Reid, Stuart Robinson

Skaven (2) - James Millington, Dave Appleby

Dwarfs (2) - Simon Switzer, Matt Hassall

Brets - Peter Williamson

Chaos Dwarfs - Sam Whitt

Daemons - Tom Dunn

Empire - Rory Finnemore

Ogres - Pete Dunn

Tomb Kings - Tim Joss

Orcs & Goblins - Nicholas Jebson

The only army missing are the dreaded Dark Elves. Great to get 15 different races along. The lack of Skaven will please some people.

I'm picking I'll be sick of the Lore of Light by the end of the weekend. Apparently it is the major lore.


  1. Not only the lack of Skaven, but wait until you see how nice the lists Dave and I have submitted. And then look at what will probably be the dirty dirty Ogre list! ;)


  2. Raymond has said once the lists are finalised - I think he means the changes to lores once people see the list of participating armies :-) - he will send them out to the participants.

    Then we'll see where the dirt really lies.

  3. My Skaven list is totally friendly & fluffy. Due to frequent opposition moaning it doesn't have an abomination, plague furnace, brass orb, storm banner or naked engineers. I expect people will still complain though as I do have Gutter Runners (just no pleasing some people).

    More importantly 7 Elf armies? I was expecting a few down & dirty fights not a weekend of dancing! I hope this ends with the Dwarf players fighting Elves every game as they sit castled in one corner while the Elves dance around in the opposite corner while they both run down the timer to a 10-10.



    1. That means mine must be the not-so-soft one then! Oh those Rat Ogres, so undercosted ;)

    2. I left the war dancers at home thank you.

      All I can say is that I hope your rats can stand the rain as all I'm packing is hail, doom, and arrows.

      *insert 300 retort about fighting in the shade* :P

    3. They love the rain and fighting in the shade is good as the bright light hurts thier beady little eyes anyway.

      The smell of wet rat may however ruin some peoples weekend, especially as a few of them already have a head start on the decay.......

      I have decided to go for a clan Eshin army list and just run night runner tunnel teams for core and slinking advance gutter runners for all the rest. Good luck shooting an army that doesn't deploy, mwahahaha!

      Hmmm actually this off tangent mental breakdown gives me an idea for the theme of my army for the Warhammer Achievements competition, inspiration directly from the Horned Rat himself!

      Keeng Rat

  4. Not bad guessing

    Just waiting for a few points issues / lores to be defined and all will be revealed

  5. Light magic is nothing.
    I've got reactolite lenses in my specs.