Monday, April 2, 2012

The Weekend That Was

Okay, we’ve got April Dwarfs Day out of the way.

Suffice to say neither Charlie nor I will be building a Dwarf army. And Jack has confirmed that he won’t be using Mantic Space Dwarfs for a Squat army.

On Saturday afternoon I had a game with Ben and his Dark Elves. At 2000 points Dark Elves are a great army and I was surprised how much Ben had fitted in – Lvl 4, Lvl 2, Cauldron BSB, 25 Corsairs with Frenzy Banner, 20 Witch Elves with Flaming Banner, 20 Black Guard, 2x 10 xbow, 2 units of Harpies , Hydra and a unit of Shades. Ben was unlucky in the game with his Witch Elves failing two charges – one required 2D6 roll of “8” (he was full strength) and the other of “6” when down to 3 models.

I took the Lore of Plague on my Seer and in retrospect I think that this was the wrong choice. Lore of Ruin would have been far more useful against his set up. The Hydra chewed through two units of Slaves and the harpies got the WLC. I was able to pick up the Witches, one unit of xbow, both harpies, the Shades and the Cauldron. The Level 1 was reduced to Level 0 then died from a Level 4 miscast.

Over the course of the three evenings I built the Fortress of Redemption, the Fortified Manor and the Town House (Tabletop World). They are now downstairs ready to be spray undercoated. The Fortress is truly an impressive piece of terrain and I’m looking forward to painting it up.

Apart from that participants at Fields of Blood got the first update with Players Pack and Presentation Scoring Checklist. I also sent out a reminder to a lot of past participants that only 20 tickets were left and there has been an influx of sales. Certainly expect the “Sold Out” sign to go up prior to the event.

Horned Rat/Gobbo V has also seen an influx of registrations and now looks like it will at least be the size of Runefang with between 25-30 participants.

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